About Pawleys Investment Advisors

Pawleys Investment Advisors is
a Registered Investment
Advisory Company based in
Pawleys Island, SC.

Exclusive provider of the Pawleys Dividend Fund
and Pawleys Growth Fund™.

Portfolio management experience pointing you in the right direction

Kathryn Schwartz, Founder and CEO: Katy is enthusiastic, forward-thinking, and resolute about delivering measurable performance results for investors. She is a graduate of Columbia University in New York, NY, and has over 25 years of investment experience.
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George Seignious III, Investment Advisor:
Chip is affable and empathetic, yet people quickly learn that his work is disciplined and meticulous. He is a graduate of the Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina, and has over 30 years of investment experience.
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