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Investment Advisory Services

Clients from Pawleys faced low-interest rates and high-income taxes.  We structured a high-quality tax-free, portfolio to improve their short-term cash management.  They appreciate how hands-on we are with their portfolio.

Pawleys Dividend Fund™

One client had Individual Retirement Accounts invested in Certificates of Deposit at a local bank.  Faced with near zero interest rates, she knew that her retirement money was rapidly losing purchasing power to inflation, but had never invested in stocks.  We invested in the Pawleys Dividend Fund™ and, by incorporating money markets, fixed income, and Small Capital and International equity mutual funds, were able to build a high quality diversified portfolio that supported both growth and income objectives for the long term.

Pawleys Growth Fund™

An experienced client had a robust, well-developed portfolio that was properly diversified across asset classes. The individual stock piece held high-quality dividend payers, but was heavily weighted in a just few sectors and lacking in exposure to growth. Unfortunately, the sectors that the client did have were lack-luster performers for the year, and the best performing areas of the market were not represented in the portfolio. We used the Pawleys Growth Fund™ to complement the existing portfolio and optimize performance.

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